About us

We are a team of geeks who enjoy sharing knowledge with the wider community.


We are a team of geeks at heart who are fans of science and technology. Things are moving fast these days and we want to make latest advancements more affordable and accessible to the general public. With a lot of stuff going on, lots of people feel left behind and we want to address that. Scientific progress is for anyone and everyone.


Most of the latest advances in technology seem to happen in a remote place, far out of reach of most people. This seems too remote and siloed. We want to connect inventors, creators and makers with the general public, by bringing their creations to a widely available platform and cutting costs by making it reusable and shareable. We hope that those early adopters will get inspired and encouraged to invest more in creator’s ideas if they like them.


Wonder is a sharing economy platform, similar to Airbnb or Kickstarter. Anyone who owns or makes new interesting products can add them to the platform. We work closely with creators to help them present and publish their products. Our swift and prompt delivery team takes care of all logistics by providing safe travel cases for each product and delivering them by hand.


We’re currently setting things up to test the platform in private beta mode. This is to ensure we have enough supply and can iron out any problems early on in the process. Delivering innovative products is a tricky business and we want to make sure we get it right so not to disappoint our customers. After this early stage, we will be opening the platform to everyone and expanding to other cities, apart from just London.

Behind the Scenes

Meet the team who brought you Wonder.





Chief tinkerer, Alex is a technology enthusiast, software developer and entrepreneur. Originally from Siberia, Russia, he got a BSc in Computer Science from Southampton University in the UK. Prior to Wonder he built and ran LETO digital agency in London, where he worked with statups from seed to series C level, and established businesses such as Unilever, Barclays, Admiral Group, The British Museum and others. Convinced that a lot of technology advancements are not accessible to the wider public, he set to change it by building a sharing platform that became Wonder. Apart from work, he’s a fan of snowboarding, mountains and nature.



User experience

Renat Galyamov got a BSc in Information Systems from Oxford Brookes University, UK. He was a chief creative officer at LETO digital agency in London, where he developed projects for companies such as The British Museum, Accenture, Admiral, Kimberley Process and others. Renat is responsible for the UX/UI of the platform, community building and expansion. Renat is also a founder and developer of a popular medical platform MED24.KZ, which connects patients with medical organisations and doctors. He likes climbing, snowboarding, running and travelling.



Platform engineer

Rosina is an expert software developer and has a BSc+MSc in Computer Science from Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona. She is a pragmatist and loves robust and reliable code. Before joining Wonder, she worked as a software developer at LETO and as an infotainment engineer at TATA Motors, Bertandt AG and SEAT. Outside work, she likes to dance swing, listen to strange music and share some Jaggers with her friends.



Product designer

Product designer, Karolina is a polish-born evangelist of simple, functional design and friendly interactions. She focuses on the overall experience of Wonder. Before moving to London, she studied Computer Science at Lodz University of Technology (Poland) and graduated with a BSc degree in Computer Graphics and Multimedia faculty. She also started her first steps as a professional designer at ConfPower helping to build their event platform. When not busy designing, Karolina either reads or plays with dogs.



Anastasia Emmanuel

Products and Growth

Former European Director of Indiegogo


I am an entrepreneurial go-to-market specialist​ working with great people building smart products​. I am passionate about innovative product​s that change the way we live​ and​ have a soft spot for beautifully designed hardware products as I​ believe that when complex function meets beautiful form, people fall in love with a product. It's what makes a company a brand, it's what Apple did with technology.

Great design has the ability to solve problems, it can inspire, delight, and improve our daily lives. My professional passion comes from helping these products come to market in the smartest, fastest way,​ often​ through the crowd, truly understanding their customer before launch.

With over 8 years experience in the European startup community, I have worked with technology startups in media, content, SaaS, e-commerce and crowdfunding. My core interest and experience is in helping B2C consumer technology brands ​bring their product to market, having launched over a hundred crowdfunding camapigns, raising over $13M, as former European Director of Indiegogo.

My goal is to work closely with great brands helping to refine their product-market fit, develop their messaging and helping to build a community of qualified, engaged customers to launch their product with.


Hermione Way

Positioning and Marketing

Former Head Of European Communications at Tinder


Hermione Way is the brand consultant who helps companies big and small accelerate the growth of their brand. With over 10 + years’ experience digital marketing for the technology industry, she has helped her clients with campaigns that have gone viral, amassing millions of views, appearing on BBC World News, NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and many more.

As the former Head Of European Communications at Tinder, Hermione helped grow the brand across the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Spain & Italy. At Tinder she worked on forging first of a kind partnerships with the NHS and a voting engagement initiative for the 2016 EU Referendum.

Prior to that, she was the co-founder of Vibease, the world’s first smart vibrator and spent six years’ living in San Francisco and working as a journalist as the Silicon Valley video director of The Next Web.

She was the main cast member of the show Startups Silicon Valley, a $25million budget TV show, broadcasting to 88 million homes on the Bravo TV network.

She founded her own PR and Marketing company Waymedia.co where she worked with clients from China, USA, Canada and Europe, helping them appear on Wired, Women’s Health, VentureBeat, DailyMail and Fortune Magazine. She co-founded TechDrive.co, a publication reporting on the future of travel.

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