Google Home

Hands-free smart speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things.

The Google Home is fun, functional, and should only get better with time.


At its core, Google Home is a voice-controlled life-aid that aims to take the smartphone out of the equation to allow apps, video and audio, and smarthome products to be controlled by speaking.

Google's air-freshener style unit is comprised of two parts: a customisable base and a rigid plastic upper shell with a single button to disable the inbuilt far-field microphones. It's being sold in the Google Store and a number of partner stores including Argos, Dixons, John Lewis and Maplin.

On the top of Google Home is a sloped touch-enabled surface meaning it can be controlled with a small tap. As well as the internal microphones, there's also 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capability (although this can't be accessed at launch), and its speaker system.


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I've got both Amazon Echo and Google Home and the best thing about Google Home is that it integrates with Chromecast and Netflix. I've got Chromecast everywhere and it's nice to be able to turn on Spotify on Netflix on any of it.

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