How Wonder works for

Trying new things with Wonder is really easy. Don’t worry if you’re not technical - every product comes with a handy guide on how to get started and things to try - just plug and play. We are completely transparent, so you know exactly what you’re renting. It’s that simple

Explore, take your pick & rent it for a few days for a fraction of the cost

We are striving to bring the newest and hottest tech products. Explore our picks for inspiration, experiments or just for fun.

We will deliver your order to you at a time and place convenient for you

We work from 8am to 10pm every day, and you can choose an hourly slot that suits you best.

Products come pre-configured with a handy quick-start guide, so it won't take ages to get to the point.

We know that feeling of unpacking something new. Taking care of the boring stuff, while still keeping the excitement of discovery is at the heart of every order.

All products rented are insured from any accidental damage

The only thing we ask is you treat the rented product as if it’s your own. We know that accidents sometimes happen. All products rented via Wonder are insured from any accidental damage, including damage caused by liquids (just in case you spill your drink all over it) or improper use (with an excess of £100).

Once your rental time is complete, our courier will come to pick it up from you at the agreed time

It’s just that simple. Before you return the product, you may want erase your personal information that might be saved on the rental product (we provide a quick tip on that). Don’t worry if you don't - Wonder owners usually reset the products after every rental.

Start renting now!

Renting out with Wonder is very easy. Do you own something cool, but don’t use it very often? Maybe a drone, a HTC Vive or some amazing gear? Great! You can list it on Wonder, get some more ideas on how to use it, as well as earn some money from rentals of course. Some owners recover full cost of a product in just two months on the platform.

Add your listing

Just fill in a quick form to send your listing to our team. We’ll take a look at get back to you right away. Approvals usually take less than 24 hours. We will then propose a date for the first rental.

First rental is on us

You’re guaranteed to get your first rental as soon as your listing is approved. We will pick it up from you, take it to our test site, and bring it back. We will pay you a minimum of £30 (€30) and even prepare it for future rentals with some of our cool packaging.

Timely deliveries

Don’t worry if you can’t be at home when the renter wants it. We provide hourly time slots for both pickup and return, and there’s plenty of choice. It doesn’t even have to be the same day if you’re busy. And if you go on holiday, you can take your product off rental for a few days. Renting out on Wonder is worry- and stress free!

Rain or shine, it’s covered

Any products that you rent out on Wonder are covered. If anything happens during the time it’s away, we will get you a replacement or reimburse full cost.

It’s that community feeling

It is common for Wonder community members to share their ideas, hacks and even upgrade rented products, free of charge for the owner. On occasion, you may find a new accessory or a game or just a “thank you” letter when your product returns. We like to learn things together, and sharing technology products is a way to communicate ideas about the future.

Start lending now!

How it works for makers

Add your Product

It’s free and easy.
You set your own price.
We take 30% service fee, you keep 70%.

We’ll notify you once it’s taken

First purchase is on us.
We made some beautiful packaging.

Our couriers will pick it up and return

From any address of your choice.
We’ll notify know about the date and time of pickup.

We can also store it and look after it

Just tell us and we’ll manage your product.
We’ll keep it in our secure London warehouse when it’s not rented.
We’ll clean it and prepare for rental in line with your instructions.
You still keep 50% from rental costs (we’ll keep the other 50%).

Start lending now!

Most commonly asked questions

We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't see the answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us

One of our drivers will deliver your rental to you at a time you chose. It's just that simple. Feel free to order it to your home for when it is convenient so you don't have to carry it around.
The person receiving the order will need to be the person using the product and provide a valid ID and sign on delivery.
Just click "Add listing" on top of this page. If you're on mobile it hides behind the menu button ("burger"). Follow the instructions on that page and we'll have it up in no time.