HTC Vive

Mind blowing Virtual Reality experience in high definition with movement tracking

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If you have the budget, the HTC Vive is the best virtual reality experience on the market, bar none.


Be among the first to see, hear and experience worlds beyond imagination. Putting on the VIVE headset washes away the real world with fantastical experiences–from rec room-type games like ping-pong or pool to experiences you'll love. Real-world awareness. Front-facing camera blends real-world elements into the virtual world. Form-fitting comfort. Adjustable headset strap provides balanced comfort for extended use. Visual immersion. 110 degrees field of view for captivating immersion.


Croydon, United Kingdom

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What I like about the product

Setup is fast and the selection of games is great

What I think could be better

The resolution isnt great but you quickly forget about it once you start playing

My overall impression

I've really loved using the vive so far and hope VR progresses further

Owner recommendation

There are lots of demos/free games on the steam store and lots of paid ones as well such as Fallout VR, Doom VFR, and Virtual Rick-ality

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What's in box

HTC Vive

What you need

Empty space in the room

Product guide

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Your Quick Start Guide

Here are some tips to get you set up quickly with the

Pick the room

Choose a room with at least 2m x 1.5m free space, for the best experience it should also be clear of furniture. The max distance supported between base stations is 5m.

pick room

Install base station

Make sure you can see both Base Stations from everywhere in your VR area. Ideally they should be placed at opposite corners of your space (it doesn’t have to be perfect square).

install base station

Install Headset

First connect the Link Box to the computer. Once you have connected the Link box to the PC, do not unplug it. Important drivers will immediately start installing, and interrupting this can lead to a faulty hardware installation. Once all is set up, you can connect the headset to the Link Box.

Explore Vive

Once you've completed the Vive setup process, you can now wear the headset and hold the controllers. While you're in the play area, the headset and the controllers should remain at least .5 meters and no further than 5 meters away from a base station. This will ensure that the devices are properly tracked within the base station’s 120 degree field of view.

explore vive

Things to Try

Arizona Sunshine

arizona sunshine

Step into the midst of a zombie apocalypse, and as if you were really there, freely move around and explore a post-apocalyptic world.

Raw Data

raw data

Raw Data is one of the most anticipated games for the HTC Vive. Far from being a simple shooting gallery, Raw Data gives you an impressive range of abilities and physical agency, making you feel like you’re in real danger.

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