Microsoft HoloLens

See real holograms appear in your living room with these goggles from Microsoft

HoloLens is all about augmented reality. It’s about placing objects into the real world, which you can still see while you’re wearing the headset. It’s not a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift, so it’s not about total immersion. Instead, it lets you see objects on a table in front of you that aren’t there in the real world, for example, and it lets you interact with them as if they were real objects.


Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you. Mixed reality encompasses a wide range of experiences that previously were considered to be only augmented reality or only virtual reality. In mixed reality, people, places, and objects from your physical and virtual worlds merge together in a blended environment that becomes your canvas.


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My overall impression

The viewport is quite small, but still, definitely worth trying. To me, Hololens is a perfect rental product - something that inspires a lot of new thinking, and showcases what may be possible. Doing virtual meetings, presentations or creative tasks in such an environment may be mind blowing.

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Ben   06 Mar 2017

Overall, absolutely loved the hololens. Really liked the intro letter, the top-tips on games etc. was great. I'll be using Wonder in future for sure :)

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Ahmed   30 Apr 2017

Nice experience.. Cortana was useful to record videos of what you see. The easiest and fastest way I found to download your videos is to sync to OneDrive.

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Toby   14 May 2017

The worst thing about the Hololens was having to give it back! I was surprised at the quality of the holograms and the way it scans your room. Sure the FOV is a bit small but it's outweighed by the experience as a whole. Don't think about renting it, just do it!

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Tom   19 May 2017

One of things you've really just got to get your hands (and eyes) on before deciding what you make of it. Aside from the narrow field of view, it's genuinely impressive stuff in a totally different class to VR.

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Jez   24 May 2017

I would highly advise installing the HoloLens app on your windows 10 desktop computer if you have one, just so you can share the experience with friends and they can see what you're doing. This also makes it easier to save photos and videos from the device to share on social media. The built in share experience on the HoloLens itself is a bit on the slow side and is fairly unstable, so it may crash out before it gets completely submitted.

The top 5 applications I would recommend using are Fragments, HoloStudio, Young Conker, RoboRaid and Holotour. Also, if you own an Xbox One, be sure to get the Xbox Beta app as this will allow you to test out an experience Xbox games on a large sized holographic screen on your living room wall. Also, if you use the Xbox HDMI pass-through, you can gain access to any HDMI content you like.

The device does work outside, but if it's bright and sunny, don't expect to be able to see holograms too clearly, the experience is best left to a moderately lit area, but not in pitch black, as the cameras don't detect hand gestures in low light.

When I first used the device I found a great level of discomfort on the bridge of my nose, this is where the overhead strap comes in real handy, it takes the pressure off ever so slightly and allows you to adjust your field of view to see things at a good angle without too much strain.

When playing games like Fragments or Conker, you will need a moderately sized room as a small bedroom is not a viable option, the game won't scan the entire area and you'll be unable to start the game. I will also say, the larger the room you use for Conker the better, as there is a lot of time staring at the floor which can result in neck strain, which is reduced in a larger setting.

If you're creative like me, do spend some valuable time getting to grips with Holostudio, the ability to view around everything in great detail whilst plucking tools out of the toolbox is an amazingly innovative way to create, it's like splicing MS Paint with real life model building, it's just an eye opening experience.

Fragments is definitely the most complete experience on the device and one you MUST try at least once. Finding clues and watching crime scenes in your house is like nothing else. I was completely freaked out to turn around and see someone sitting comfortably on my sofa.

Above all else have fun and be sure to take regular breaks for the sake of your neck and your eyes. The HoloLens has a 3 hour battery life with a little over an hour to charge up fully again (battery life is represented by the 4 glowing dots to the back of the headset). Also, don't push it too hard in a hot room (Fragments) as the device will give you a warning of potentially overheating causing you to stop prematurely and maybe losing progress on what you're working on.

I think that covers most of what I discovered, but I'm always happy to provide pointers to anyone looking to experience this technology, it's the most fun I've had with new technology in MANY years and I'm sure you'll love it too.

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Joseph   30 Jun 2017

Trying Microsoft HoloLens is a unique experience that I recommend everyone should try at least once. Getting a glimpse of the future in technology is fantastic. The only downside I found is the field of view, it's actually much smaller than what you see on videos I would say approximately 15inches.

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Your Quick Start Guide

Here are some tips to get you set up quickly with the

Let's get started

Make sure you have Wi-Fi password with you as you'll need to connect your HoloLens to a Wi-Fi network to set it up. You'll also need to sign in the to HoloLens with a Microsoft account. When the prompt, you can either use provided credentials or use your own.

Put the HoloLens on

Put the HoloLens on (if you wear glasses, you may want to keep them underneath, but try it both ways).

Put the HoloLens on (if you wear glasses, you may want to keep them underneath, but try it both ways).

Tighten the headband

Power on

Press the power button to start (the power button is located on the back on the left and has a battery charge indicator).

Bloom gesture

Blooming opens the Start menu. To bloom, hold out your hand with your palm up and your fingertips together. Then open your hand, like this:

Air tap gesture

Use air tap, along with gaze, to select apps and other holograms. All you need to do is gaze at a hologram and then tap your finger down, then quickly raise it back up again, like this:

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