Microsoft Surface Studio

Probably the best all-in-one PC for the creative types

The Surface Studio is a most impressive desktop that has already shaken up the all-in-one PC landscape, however, its exorbitant price makes it an extravagant dream for everyone but artists and illustrators.


The Surface Studio is an incredibly clever, powerful and gorgeous all-in-one PC. It's the first desktop computer to be manufactured entirely by Microsoft and comes with a Surface pen for drawing as well as a Surface Dial - a round disk that can be placed on the display and rotated to perform various actions, such as scrolling, zooming, adjusting the volume, among others, with precision. Developers can utilize its APIs to integrate its functionality into their own products.


London, United Kingdom

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My overall impression

We got the Surface Studio for some design work. I'm used to WACOM pen, so it was pretty easy for me to get started with the Surface Studio. It feels a bit like a mix of iMac and stylus pen for drawing.

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