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Experience fully immersive virtual reality experience.

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PlayStation VR is an affordable introduction to quality VR. Many of the experiences aren't as crisp or as immersive as the ones found on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive but, for a system that uses a PS4 instead of an expensive PC gaming rig, we're not complaining.


PlayStation VR is an affordable introduction to quality VR. Many of the experiences aren't as crisp or as immersive as the ones found on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive but, for a system that uses a PS4 instead of an expensive PC gaming rig, we're not complaining.


London, United Kingdom

Joined in March 2017

What I like about the product

Very easy to start, even if you've never used a PS4 before. Be sure to check out other apps, YouTube videos etc.

What I think could be better

Less cabling would be nice. Taking a few minutes to connect it all.

My overall impression

PSVR is a great new gaming platform. As more and more games and accessories come out the entire experience is becoming more interesting and immersive. Worth checking out.

Owner recommendation

The shark experience is a great starter - let's you grasp the whole idea behind VR quickly. Farpoint brings you to the alien planet with outstanding gun (aim controller) for deeper experience!

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Joel   27 Jun 2017

Amazing and fast... I was able to evaluate the PS4 Pro and VR kit without spending hundreds of pounds to figure out if I liked it. It was awesome!

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Atif   24 Jul 2017

Excellent way of testing PSVR before purchasing as done in comfort of your own home instead of testing at a shop or venue.

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EDmond   18 Aug 2017

Awesome experience, personally I felt a bit of nausea after playing for a few hours in VR but I did get use to it. It's such impressive tech

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Ali   11 May 2017

Great experience with the VR

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Darren   26 Apr 2017

Great company and great service, rented the PSVR which was excellent. All came nicely packaged and delivered within an hour time slot of my choosing. Amazing value as I almost rented the same product without the PSPro for almost double the price! Will be renting more gadgets soon,keep up the good work guys.

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Tomasz   11 Apr 2017

Great product and service. Especially when you want or try the newest gadgets before spending lots of money, no long queues and short demos. They also provide games for PSVR a real bonus I wasn't expecting:) ended buying PSVR

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Brian   02 Aug 2017

This product is the perfect way to try out the PSVR it comes with everything you need to try and play the psvr. We used it for a gaming night with our friends and it went down really well. Everyone enjoyed it. This set comes with something for everyone to play. Our children aged 5 and 8 was even able to play with and use the items.

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Cole   27 Oct 2017

Renting the psvr was a perfect way to try before you buy. I was impressed with the experience as I was trying to compare it with the Vive. Although I would still choose the Vive over the psvr I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Cheers!

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Lewis   05 Oct 2017

The Playstation VR was a great intro to VR. I was really impressed by how immersed I felt playing the games with it. I especially liked playing Farpoint as you really feel like you are in the game holding the gun and walking around. As you move the gun in real life it also moves in the game which really makes you believe you are there! This is really hard to believe until you try
it yourself! Being in 3-D really adds to the experience too.

Also the London Heist game on VR Worlds was awesome and the Tumble VR puzzle game was really interesting too.

Resident Evil is quite scary and for the first 45 mins I was very anxious and on edge playing it. After that however, you get used to it a bit more and it is fine (and I hate scary movies too).

Some of my friends came round to play and they were all really impressed by it!

You can get tired playing on it for a while. I managed to play farpoint for at least 1.5 hours and was fine, however after playing Scavengers Odyssey for about 30 mins I felt really nauseous and had to stop. I think its because that game you jump around and spin upside down etc. It was like getting travel sickness and lasted for an hour. I didn't feel like this playing any of the other games however.

One thing to note is that this is not really geared towards young children. My friend's child who is 9 tried it but got a bit freaked out. I didn't let my daughter who is 4 try it yet as I think they are a bit too young for it still. Also the majority of games included are not for children under 12 I would say.

The item was delivered and picked up as booked and I was really happy with my experience. Thank you Wonder! I will defnitely use Wonder again to try out some other tech.

The idea of renting this (rather than buying up front) is a great idea as I really just wanted to see how the games felt in VR. I am planning on renting the Oculus Rift next from Wonder.

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What's in box

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB
Two normal controllers
AIRGUN controller
VR headset
Move controllers
Resident Evil 7
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
VR Worlds
Rush of Blood
Star Wars Battlefront (with VR)

What you need

No requirements.

Product guide

No Deliveries

Your Quick Start Guide

Here are some tips to get you set up quickly with the

Let's start

First, it’s worth saying there’s quite a bit of cabling to plug in and connect with the VR stuff, but just give it a bit of patience, and it’ll be good.

There should be two cases. One with the PlayStation itself and the Camera, the other with all the VR things, like Move controllers and the Headset.

For the sake of simplicity, I’m assuming you got some experience with game consoles, whether Xbox or PS or something else.

Note: VR gaming will need a bit of space. You rarely need to actually move, but it’s nice to have a bit of clearance, so move away anything that you don’t want to smash accidentally.

Get the PS4 up and running

First one is easy. Just take the PlayStation out, plug in the power cable, your screen (I’ve included an HDMI lead) and you’re good to go. The controllers should be charged to full.

The PS4 is reset to anonymous user, so you can just use it as is, or your own account if you prefer.

Plug in the Camera

The Camera is simple to connect. You want to position it about 1.5m - 2m away from where you intend to sit (or stand) playing. If you’ve ever had a Kinect, that’s what the Camera is essentially. It’s required for VR gaming and it just tracks your movements and position of the controllers.

Plug in the Move controllers

I left the VR stuff uninitialised, so you can go through the Start Guide etc. First, just plug *both* Move controllers into the front of the PS4. Then turn them on by pressing the PS button in the middle. It will ask you who’s using the Controllers, just use the same user for both.

Plug in the VR headset

This one takes a bit of time. For some reason Sony decided it was cool to have a whole bunch of cables around. Please refer to the big blue guide from Sony (should be in the box). In general things are like this:

  1. There’s a VR Processor that plugs into the PS4 HDMI port instead of the screen
  2. Your screen then plugs into the Processor
  3. Slide the panel in, and there are two more ports on the front
  4. Plug in the long VR cable into these two
  5. Plug in your Headphones (or you can the ones in the box)

Once done, the PS4 will detect the VR Headset and you can go through the guide.

Putting the Headset on

Just thought I’d note, it felt a bit awkward putting the Headset on at first. There are big buttons on the front and back of the Headset. I found it easiest to put the back of the Headset against the back of the head and then just press the button to stretch it a bit and pull on.

The PS4 will take you through the use of the Headset and the Controllers. Take note of the safety things. I ought to give the usual warning that whatever you do with it is at your own risk and if you have any health problems you shouldn’t use it probably. Or consult with your doctor. Just saying.

Things to try

There’s a demo disc as provided by Sony, but I wouldn’t waste time on it. Instead just go into the VR Worlds disc and try any of those, e.g. the London Heist is a nice showcase, although a bit slow on the story.

Resident Evil is definitely the best. For me it wasn’t very tiring either. Can be a good day one game (and day two and three… and four…)

RIGS are pretty cool if you don’t experience motion sickness and are comfortable with the VR movements.

I found it pretty cool that others can watch what’s happening inside the VR on the main screen, so you can keep company etc.

Hope all that works and if any questions - give me or the Wonder guys a shout.


Delivery and return

We will deliver your order to you at a time and place convenient for you. We work from 8am to 10pm every day, and you can choose an hourly slot that suits you best.

Once your rental time is complete, our courier will come to pick it up from you at the agreed time. It’s just that simple.

Insurance included

All products available on Wonder are covered from accidental damage. Please treat them with love, as if they were your own. Owners share their favourite things and even if we replaced it, it would not feel the same, if you know what we mean. Have fun and share back!