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Wonder launches a series of future tech events

Last Wednesday night people gathered at the House of Wonder to discover and experience the latest tech advancements, from home robots, to holograms, to mixed reality - at an event which promised to be the first one in series, organised by London based startup Wonder.

Wonder is a sharing platform for upcoming technology, where people can rent most innovative tech products, get them delivered and try for a few days.

The exhibits included the trendy Pepper Robot by Softbank, and Sanbot - a fresh arrival to the UK market, a humanoid robot, with cute penguin flipper arms, equipped with a touch screen, HD projector in the back of its head, and running Android-based OS with a multitude of apps. The robot launched on Wonder platform starting at £500 to try it, which counts towards the price of purchase should customers decide to keep it.

Other products included Microsoft HoloLens - the mixed reality holographic goggles, Kino-mo - standalone holographic displays for stores; Bonaverde - the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine and a recent crowdfunding success with their campaign on Seedrs, and Thync - a futuristic looking wearable to lower stress or anxiety levels using low-power electric current. The showcase also included PlayStation VR with the latest Airgun controller, HTC Vive with SimuTouch taptic interface and a £150 air balloon that allows to capture images of the Earth from space using a conventional camera such as GoPro or 360fly.

"Technology development is accelerating at an exponential rate, and bringing a lot of new products as well as opportunities for people to turn their own ideas into reality. We believe Wonder can be a platform for everyone to learn and experiment with latest advancements and get inspired to create own things", said Alex Berezovskiy, the founder of Wonder in his keynote speech at the event.

"We're working closely with the creators of products to help them package it in a trial-friendly way. When renting on Wonder, you receive a plug-and-play package, which is simple to use and pre-packaged so no setup is necessary", he said, "We're making it so that you can just turn it on, and get straight to the point. Simplicity and ease of use is key for us"

About Wonder:

Launched in London in March 2017, Wonder is a platform connecting people with the newest and most innovative technology experiences. The platform is built around a community where owners or creators can share their products by listing it on the platform. Since start, the project grew to few dozen deliveries per month and is expanding fast. At present, Wonder covers 25 miles area around London and plans to launch in Amsterdam and San Francisco later this summer.

House of Wonder - PS VR

House of Wonder - VR Haptics

House of Wonder - Pepper Robot

House of Wonder

House of Wonder - Sanbot

House of Wonder - HoloLens

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The House Of Wonder Launches To Give Londoners A Taste Of The Future For One Night.

Tomorrow's technology, today. Delivered to your doorstep.

Tomorrow night Londoner’s will get to live in the future for one night as, Wonder, the company that delivers tomorrow's technology to your door, is hosting a new event where guests will get to experience

About Wonder:

Founded in London in 2017, Wonder is a platform connecting people with the newest and most extreme technology experiences. The platform is also a community where owners of technology can share their experiences by renting on the platform. Currently, Wonder delivers within 25 miles of London but it will launch in Amsterdam and San Francisco this summer.

About Alex Berezovskiy:

Alex Berezovskiy is a serial entrepreneur originally from Siberia. Prior to Wonder he co-founded London based digital innovation partner, Leto. Leto helped brands such as Unilever, Admiral, Barclays and The National Lottery to insource innovation.

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