Wearable to elevate your mood or calm your mind at the touch of a button. Safe alternative to caffeine or pills.


Thync is a wearable device that in essence emulates the effects of certain drugs — some legal, some not — without any of the drawbacks, by altering your state of mind with complex algorithms and space-age neurosignaling technology.

Does it actually work?

Yes, for me Thync really did alter the way I felt. Of course, my declaration that it works is based only on my use and the anecdotal experience from the few other people who tried my Thync module. There’s a chance it won’t work for others — Thync says 80-percent of people will feel the effects — but there’s also the possibility that it will work even better for some than it did for me.

Is it safe?

Thync is compelling and futuristic enough, to make me want to use it. However, is it safe? It’s zapping electric current though my head, which doesn’t sound like the best of ideas. The technique is called tDCS, or Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, and it has been around for a while. The device isn’t FDA approved, but Thync did submit it to the agency. They were told that provided the current didn’t go beyond the existing levels, it would be classed as a recreational device. The current is low, never going above 20 milliamperes, and it doesn’t go into your brain, only nerves. It’s lower than the devices used to stimulate muscles, which can be purchased in many stores.


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My overall impression

As the first mindtech product for consumers Thync is quite amazing. Whatever your feelings about it, it is a device that gives a glimpse into what's possible and it's an interesting thing to try.

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